INDUSTRIAL Pallets: plastic pallets for all industrial needs.



Export Pallet - EXP1010

Nestable One Way Pallet. Ideal for export consignments as they are completely exempt from ISPM15 regulations, save time and money when making international shipments. Designed to transport your product at the lowest cost.

Export Pallet: nestable One Way Pallet.

Imports are strongly encouraged to have all WPM (Wooden Plastic Materials) meet the ISPM15 standard to avoid delays or rejection of cargo shipments at U.S. ports of entry due to noncompliance of the ISPM15 Standard. Avoid delays and extra fees, use plastic pallets instead!


Technical Data EXP1010

Static Load Dynamic Load Racking Pallet Weight
1,600 kg 1,000 kg N/A 8 kg




Nestable Pallet - ECO1010
Low Cost Nestable Pallet for storage applications

Low Cost Nestable Pallet, durable, lightweight and economical. For storage applications. Nestable pallets are an alternative to stackable pallets.

Low Cost Nestable Pallet.

Nestable Pallets? when your pallets are empty, they fit together in a compact stack. Easy to store, space savers, maximizes space intended for storage.


Technical Data ECO1010

Static Load Dynamic Load Racking Pallet Weight
4,000 kg 1,400 kg N/A 10 kg




Spill Pallets
100% polyethylene, it provides excellent chemical resistance

Meets Regulations: EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, NPDES and UFC. High visibility color standard to enhance warehouse safety. Optional polyethylene ramp available for easier and secure drum loading.

Spill Containment Plastic Pallet.





Heavy Duty Pallet for the highest hygiene requirements

Impact Resistant Pallet for heavy loads with an amazing lifespan up to 10 years. Food & Pharmaceutical approved Plastic Pallet. Flat surface, easy to wash, high quality plastic, rims for safe transport of boxes. Resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

10 Year Lifespan in Heavy Duty Applications.


Technical Data DuraPallet

Static Load Dynamic Load Racking Pallet Weight
12,000 kg 2,000 kg 1,500 kg 26.5 kg




Standard Pallet - STD1010
Medium Duty Pallet #1 Best Seller

Rackable, Stackable & Low Cost. 40" x 48" standard size, offers great stability and strength. Ideal for a wide range of food, pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial applications. Resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi.

Medium Duty Plastic Pallet

Modern warehouses use pallet racks to store palletized materials in horizontal rows. Forklift trucks are used to handle and load pallets onto the rack for storage.


Technical Data STD1010

Static Load Dynamic Load Racking Pallet Weight
8,000 kg 2,000 kg 600 kg 15 kg
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